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Weekly Safari Highlights at Klaserie Drift – 02/02/20

It’s Monday! That means it’s time to see what went on at Klaserie Drift last week. We kicked off 7 days ago with an awesome sighting of a pride of lions with 2 dominant males as well as a wonderful close-up with a huge rhino bull. However, the highlight of the week was, without a doubt, the return of our pack of over 30 African wild dogs! Our guests spent almost an hour following them as they hunted impala and even got to see them fighting off hyena who managed to successfully steal their kill.

With lots of windy weather later in the week, our guides have been working extra hard to track down the animals. The Pale Male – our main dominant male leopard – put in another appearance. After lots of difficult tracking and following leopard audio, we also managed to spot a young female hiding in a drainage waiting for mum to return.

To watch a small taster of the week, check out the video below!

Last Week at KD – 02/02/20

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