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Six Lions resting after a large meal

We were fortunate enough yesterday to spend some quality time with a pride of lions after they finished a large meal.

The setting was perfect as they moved out into the open next to Malembeni dam. Without any vegetation obstructing the views our guests enjoyed an absolute quality sighting of the large felines going about their natural behavior.

The group consists of 4 lionesses and 2 sub-adult males. They managed to kill a young Zebra the day before and finished the carcass in less than 18 hours. With the bellies VERY full these animals usually head for water (which was close by) and seek a shady resting spot. Yesterday morning however we had a little bit of rain and because of that the pride spent the morning in dense cover, so the visibility was poor. It remained cloudy and once the rain stopped they moved out into the open and away from the damp vegetation.

Enjoy the video clip… Showing you exactly how privileged our guests were to witness such an amazing sighting!!

Video Credit, Karin Seger

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