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Meet The Team: Charles and Boavida

Meet Charles and Boavida! These two are part of our ‘behind-the-scenes’ team.

Charles is one of our Camp Guards. He ensures the garden is always watered and beautiful, the guest cars are clean and a whole host of other jobs such as checking the fences and collecting firewood. Without him, the lodge would be a complete mess!

Boavida is our head of maintenance and, simply put, a genius! He can fix almost anything as is usually the first person to call whenever something goes wrong. Boavida was in charge of building our newest lodge – Misava – and we realised then that we couldn’t do without him.

Our guests often don’t see the staff that work in the background so this is a huge thank you to Charles, Boavida and the other invaluable members who make sure the lodge is always looking and working properly. We couldn’t do it without you!

Charles (L) and Boavida (R)

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