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Leopard Cub sighting at Klaserie Drift!

We have exciting news at Klaserie Drift – Manzi has been spotted with her thriving cub in tow. See the amazing pictures and video here!

We have some amazing news here at Klaserie Drift! Local leopardess Manzi, who we confirmed had given birth late last year, has finally been spotted with her ever-growing cub. This week I pulled up to a giraffe with my guests when I noticed he didn’t pay any attention to the vehicle. In fact, he was persistently staring at a hidden spot in the thicket ahead.

Feeling like something was amiss, I decided to poke around the thicket. As we approached the back of it, a small opening allowed us to peak inside. A flicker of movement drew my attention and, suddenly, Manzi appeared from the shadows! “Leopard!” I excitedly whispered to my guests as I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look. Just then, to my amazement, I realised that a young cub was sitting on the branch close to her.

With a bit of careful driving, I managed to reposition us to get a full view of the two leopards mere metres from the vehicle. Full of amazement, we watched as Manzi dozed on a branch in the falling evening light, her cub full of wonder at this metal beast that appeared not to faze his or her mother at all. Finally, with the sun dipping far below the horizon, we left Manzi in peace with her precious cub. Here’s hoping we see them again soon!

The cutest little leopard cub!

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